"Mike Richmond plays things other people try to play." -Stan Getz

"Mike is one of the phenomenally gifted masters of the bass to appear since the 1970's." - Fanfare

"A virtuoso bassist." - Rolling Stone

"Richmond is as nimble fingered and resourceful a bassist we have heard in some time." - New York Daily News

"Mike Richmond played with a furor which brought the audience to its feet for two standing ovations during the evening." - Kansas City Times

"Mike Richmond is one of the best bassists of the 1970's and 80's." - Jaco Pastorius

"Richmond has monster technique, the audacity to try anything, and the skill to make it work. His power is awesome and even at breakneck tempos every note receives full value, being bent and shaped for some cosmic purpose." - Winnipeg Times

"The power man for this Hubert Laws ensemble was Mike Richmond. His bass lines were clean, well-integrated and smooth, yet retaining the necessary punctuation that stimulated artistic growth in the group." - Philadelphia Bulletin

"Getz's current band is one of his best ever with bassist Mike Richmond meriting special praise for his crafty acoustic work." - Billboard

"As usual Getz's sidemen provided excellent excursions from his tenor saxophone. Most notable was bassist Mike Richmond, who, besides contributing several composition to the act, played astonishing things on his string bass. One long solo on a slow blues provided the highlight of the show." - Toronto Globe & Mail

"The most absorbing number of the (Horace Silver) set featured a refreshingly rhythmically solo by Mike Richmond on electric bass." - Vancouver Sun

"Richmond's bass work complimented DeJohnette and Abercrombie throughout the evening." - Portland Oregonian

"This Jack DeJohnette group featured the superb Mike Richmond on Bass." - Chicago Sun Times